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About Polkka Jam

Polkka Jam is the family company of Kristiina Haapalainen and Sami Vähä-Aho. We met during our studies in Kuopio. Now we are living on the Kimito Island and have a studio in the old dairy of Kimito.

Polkka Jam was born in 2002 of a need to create a publishing outlet for our craft and creative work. Our goal was to combine fresh Finnish design with traditional craftsmanship, which we both had studied. At first we made all our products by ourselves. Nowadays, our products are made by different professional subcontractors in Finland. In addition, we occasionally still produce some limited series ourselves.

Our production is focused on the imagery that we design and create together. We keep our eyes open and draw inspiration from our surroundings: about town, in nature, at home or in our studio. Over the years we've developed our own visual world of Polkka Jam that we both share. We are dedicated to our work and passionate about design.


We value local production and our products have always been made in Finland. The professionals we use as subcontractors work in good conditions. Our aim is keep the production as close to our end customers as possible.

We favor natural materials. Our bed linen are made of organic cotton and the other textile products are made of cotton/linen mix. In our textiles, we use non-toxic water based colors. Our paper products are made with recycled materials.

Ecological viewpoints

Our products travel by land. One of our main product groups, the paper goods, are made from 100% recycled paper. Using recycled paper has many benefits, such as saving energy and reducing waste.

Also our subcontractors are committed to ecological production. We use EU Ecolabel certified printing paper. All papers bearing the EU Ecolabel have also been granted the Nordic Ecolabel. Our paper goods are made in Turku, and the printers are both FSC and PEFC certified.

We use cotton/linen mix fabric that comes from Lithuania, from a weaving factory that belongs in the esteemed Masters of Linen network. The Masters of Linen mark is granted by an international organization dedicated to promoting European high-quality linen. We produce a minimal amount of waste, all of which is recycled. Our goal is to make quality products that last a long time, which in turn reduces their ecological footprint.

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